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Elite Brunch

American Breakfast £11.95

977 Calories 65g Protein

3 American Pancakes with poached eggs, grilled bacon, grilled sausage served with maple syrup and a side of blueberries and banana.

The French One £9.95

958 Calories 62g Protein

French toast served with baked beans, grilled sausage, grilled bacon, cherry tomatoes and two poached eggs.

The Sweet French £9.95

604 Calories 28g Protein

Brioche french toast served with blueberries, grapes, banana, almonds drizzled in maple syrup.

The Greek One £10.95

654 Calories 53g Protein

Sourdough toast with smashed avocado, poached eggs, grilled halloumi, grilled tomatoes served with side of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, peppers

Bacon and Egg Florentine £11.95

556 Calories 43g Protein

Sourdough flatbread topped with egg, bacon, meted mozzarella, sliced tomatoes served with side of mixed leaf salad and cherry tomatoes.

The Vegan One £11.95

533 Calories 30g Protein

Vegan toast with smashed avocado mushrooms, baked beans and grilled tofu.

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